The Deep State Exposed

It is hard to imagine that the vitriol spewed by anti-Trumpers and delivered by the MSM can continue unabated, but it appears that the opposition to President Trump will continue for the foreseeable future. How ironic that his own party is guilty of the most heinous attacks.

The intestinal fortitude that the president exhibits was evident with the announcement of his candidacy, his election victory, and eight months of a presidency questioned daily for the purpose of weakening its support here and abroad.  The attacks are brutal and coming from all sides. Those who elected him were aware of the deep state and GOPe, and the corruption synonymous with both groups.  The entrenched politicians are trying to destroy the presidency of a duly elected candidate with one manufactured lie after another.

The desperation and hypocrisy of the deep state ignores constitutional restraints or laws that hinder their pursuit of power.  Obama ran roughshod over the Constitution with no pushback from a Republican Party that would prefer to be in the minority with built in excuses for their lack of legislative success. Promises made during a campaign are meaningless. As a political novice, the president is a threat to the business as usual machinations of D.C. politics and must be destroyed before the American people realize the country is no longer the constitutional Republic founded over 200 years ago. There will be no turning back.

The Trump haters are emboldened with the help of a complicit media calling Trump supporters Nazis and white supremacists while providing cover for BLM and Antifa. The latters goal is to curtail free speech. Intimidation, name-calling, and physical violence are the current methods used to silence opposition to their way of thinking. Many in the nations capitol are conspicuously silent as anarchy reigns.

The primary objectives of elected officials are to enrich themselves and guarantee reelection. The voters are nothing more than useful idiots whose sole purpose is to perpetuate the existence of those in Congress or other elected position. The candidates will say anything to become a member of an elite club that controls the lives of American citizens while not being encumbered by the very laws they pass. They throw a few crumbs to their constituents while insuring their position at the trough until retirement and receipt of a lucrative pension. President Trump has exposed the corruption of the deep state and given impetus to the cornered animal behavior the country is witnessing. The arrogance and lack of concern for how incompetent they appear speaks volumes about their corruptness. They have a lot to lose financially and will not go quietly.

There is not a single word or policy spoken by President Trump that does not illicit negative reactions by those who oppose him. The American people are growing weary of the name calling and obstructionist behavior by their elected officials. Republicans may have overreached and will be looking for private sector jobs in 2018.



Time For A Pep Talk!

I received a call from a friend who wanted me to give her a pep talk concerning Donald Trump. It was not the first time that one of my friends had a problem with supporting the unconventional candidate.

Why was my friend considering a vote for a third party candidate? Why would she jump off the Trump train after being a supporter?  In my small sphere of family and friends, she was not alone.  She responded in the same way that many have after listening to the rabid media sycophants, and their extreme focus on a Hillary Clinton presidency. The media narrative was successful in causing many to question their support for Trump. The media has lost all credibility because of their overt bias, but they still create doubt with their repetition of sordid details about Donald Trump.

With full disclosure, I became a Trump supporter the moment he announced his candidacy. I was tired of the promises made every election cycle by the very people who created the problems and now had a solution to solve the problems. Donald Trump’s candidacy gives the electorate an opportunity to hold elected officials accountable for their lies and deceit. He is not a politician beholden to lobbyists and special interest groups.

What I saw in Donald Trump was contrary to the narrative the citizenry listened to every night on the news. The daily twisting of everything Trump states has become an indictment of a corrupt media. There is a directive coming from executives at media outlets whether conservative or liberal to destroy Donald Trump. It is astounding to witness the escalating assaults on a man who believes in and loves America. There is not one other candidate in the original field of seventeen candidates that would or could have challenged and exposed Hillary for the corrupt individual she has been for her entire political life. The FBI investigation should tell the electorate all they need to know about Hillary’s power and the fear she instills in people. Scandal after scandal, and she walks away unscathed and more arrogant than ever. She is untouchable while we are deplorable.

There are two things that I want people to think about concerning the Trump candidacy. Has anyone wondered why billions of dollars are being spent to destroy Donald Trump? Why are the RNC/GOPe, Democrats, and news corporations so afraid of Trump? I truly believe that Trump is the person at this time in history to set America on the right course. My resolve is strengthened everytime a journalist reports a story related to Trump’s past but allows Hillary to walk away from her illegal behaviors and scandal of the day.

This is a critical election, and an opportunity has presented itself to vote for someone that has not been part of the political class. It is up to us to vote for Donald Trump and give him a chance to Make America Great Again. It is now or never!

Donald Trump and The Big Tent


In his article, A Look To The Future Of Big Tent Republicanism, Dustin Hawkins defines Republican big tent philosophy as that which builds a coalition on beliefs that conservative policies are good for everyone involved. This  philosophy states that we can disagree on some issues, but we will agree on most issues based on liberty and freedom.

The RNC/GOPe espouse the big tent philosophy but in their core do not want anyone included who is outside their sphere of influence. They surround themselves with powerful and wealthy people who can further their rise to key positions in government. Keeping their seat of power, money, and A list status is paramount. Those instrumental in solidifying the positions of the political class are lobbyists, super Pacs, sympathetic media, and a myriad of other supporters that work in the shadows.

The conservative voter is conditioned to vote for the approved establishment candidate defined as the lesser of two evils. Many voters pull the R lever on Election Day fueled by the promises of a candidate with little hope that solving critical issues will occur. Votes are the only reason politicians tolerate the electorate. We are useful idiots in the eyes of entrenched Republican bureaucrats. Republicans are less concerned about service to the country and citizenry and more concerned about staying in power.The party bosses feign indignation when the party loses an election, but the status of individual members does not change or anything else with the machinations in the beltway. Being in the minority is the built in excuse for doing nothing to forward a conservative agenda. Win/Win for both corrupt factions. We the people are the ones who suffer the consequences of their arrogance.

Donald Trump is the front runner in the Republican presidential primary race. He has incurred the  wrath of many politicians and media outlets here and abroad. There is a scorched earth policy designed to destroy him. The Republicans and Democrats are on the same side in vilifying Trump. Politics make strange bedfellows. What is so threatening about a Trump candidacy? He is addressing many of the concerns and issues that are important to a conservative electorate. Trump won New Hampshire, South Carolina, and Nevada with support from many religious and minority groups considered important in the big tent of the Republican Party. Their reaction to Trump signifies the opposite. The Republicans do not want a coalition of people with similar beliefs, because they do not care if they win. It appears that the Democrats are not the only party with a divide and conquer strategy. With the nation’s survival at risk, the RNC/GOPe are more concerned about destroying the man who is bringing people together than addressing the destructive issues facing the country. The citizenry is witnessing the unmasking of charlatans who run the party and elites pulling the strings to further their agendas. We the people are pawns in the scheme created by corrupt politicians.

The corrupt politicians and detrimental consequences wrought by their policies are the focus of Donald Trump’s candidacy. The problems facing the country were created and perpetuated by the very people obsessed with destroying Trump. The current Senate members running for president are part of and creators of the same problems. They are all talk and no action while the country burns. We know that little will be accomplished with the current group of do nothing politicians. Business as usual with no accountability.

This election is the most critical in our nation’s history. Donald Trump is not a perfect man, but we are not electing a Pope. The big tent is not mentioned much in this election cycle, because there is only one candidate who is accomplishing that once lofty goal. Trump is self funding his campaign and will not be beholden to any person or group for his election success. The Trump candidacy has presented the American people with a chance to vote for someone who is not a career politician. Let us not squander this opportunity. It is now or never to turn the country around.


The Unchallenged Narrative Of Tax The Rich

Donald Trump released details of his tax plan and was immediately attacked for reducing tax rates and how the reductions benefit the rich. The myopic vision of the media is consistent with an agenda to blame current economic woes on the wealthy instead of the incompetent people running the government. There is no mention of job creation and benefits to all income levels when tax rates are lowered.

The concerns of many in the liberal media and Washington D.C. focus on the wealthy not paying their fair share of taxes. They believe the government leviathan is morally obligated to tax (confiscate) the wealthy and redistribute to the less fortunate. In government speak, it is known as income inequality and repeated often enough creates division among the citizenry. The ultimate goal is pitting the haves against the have nots and continuing to convince the have nots that they will benefit from the rich paying more taxes. There continues to be a large segment of the population dependent on government aid after decades of wealth redistribution through taxation, but the narrative continues unchallenged.  The consequence of this strategy is an elected politician entrenched for life in Washington D.C. where he becomes wealthy and joins the ranks of those he publicly vilifies.

The latest statistics from the IRS -2011 do not support the current story endorsed by those who believe in higher taxes for the wealthy. The current tax code penalizes those who work hard and invest in businesses at great financial risk. Many businesses would hire more people if the tax burden and regulations did not put a stranglehold on running a business in this country. My purpose in writing this article is to explain the hypocrisy exhibited by those who continue to claim the rich do not pay their fair share of taxes. The article below details the percentage of taxes paid by those in different income brackets. I will illustrate the unfairness of the tax code and its impact on job creation.

The top 1 percent ( $380,354) earned 19 percent of the total income and paid 35 percent of the federal income tax.  The average of the five most recently reported years (2007-2011) is closer to 40 percent. The top 10 percent ($113,799) pay 66 percent of all taxes collected. The bottom 50 percent, all Americans with an income below $51,939 (median income), pay 3 percent of the federal income tax.  According to a recent study by the Tax Foundation, the federal income tax is one of the most progressive tax systems in the world, because it raises tax rates as personal income increases. Under the current tax code, business   owners and their employees are rewarded for hard work with crippling taxes. Never is the sacrifice, investment, and risk of the business owner mentioned when discussing income inequality. The business owner pays personal and business taxes. Employees earn a salary, pay taxes, and spend their earnings on goods and services in the community. Communities thrive when there is a strong economic base created by new businesses and a demand from residents for their services.

Raising tax rates on the rich has a negative effect on small and medium sized businesses by impacting hiring and growth. Many people are unemployed because of the onerous tax burden placed on businesses. No growth equals high unemployment. The government can not fix economic problems caused by their policies, tax codes, and regulations. This cycle creates a downward spiral that ends with closed businesses and desolate communities. Detroit is a text book example of government ineptitude.

There would be no businesses and jobs without the wealthy because neither of the two are created by poor people. The taxes paid by the wealthy and working people are what enables the government to create an entitlement mentality that spawns a dependency class. The constant drum beat of tax the wealthy hurts the middle class and poor. It is time to understand that this country needs jobs to get people back to work and untangled from dependency on government. This can only occur with people who have the resources (wealthy) and are willing to take risks in creating new businesses.

The Question of Character

What is character? The foundation of a person’s character is trustworthiness.
Trustworthiness is defined as honesty, reliability, courage to do the right thing, and loyalty to country. Do we recognize any of these traits in the people elected to public office? I find a few of these traits conspicuously absent from many of those entrusted with the power to run our government. The culture in Washington D.C. is resistant to anyone remotely exhibiting the fortitude to do the right thing. The outcome of many congressional votes is contrary to any perceived moral standing of our elected officials. Those elected to represent we the people took an oath to uphold the Constitution. Breaking that oath says a lot about a person’s character, and it is not positive.
Donald Trump is in the crosshairs and all talking points seem to begin and end with him. I will begin with the question,”What about Trump’s character?” The question represents a prevailing view that Trump’s ideas, demeanor, and overall behavior is an anomaly in the world of politics and supports major character flaws. I contend that the focus on Trump deflects any scrutiny of the other candidates and their deficiencies. Several candidates and media types are part of the problem and should not demean Trump’s character when their own is suspect. All candidates should have their character scrutinized not just one.
The electorate gave control of the House in 2012 and Senate in 2014 to candidates who promised to stand up against the current president and his dictatorial behavior. What the electorate received in return was a do nothing Congress spouting excuse after excuse for their impotence. Promises made and promises broken from those who promised otherwise. Some of the same politicians who broke their promises are running for president and want you to support them with your vote.
Trump is not an elected official with broken campaign promises haunting his candidacy. Several candidates have a record that they can not run away from in the 24/7 news cycle. They are the problem not the solution.
The people in this country have had enough of deceitful politicians and are willing to take a chance with an outsider. I realize that our politicians are dumbfounded by Trump mania which illustrates how out of touch they are with the American people. The anger is palpable among the electorate with the current members of the GOP establishment. It is time to elect someone who believes in American exceptionalism.

The scorch and burn strategy to take down Donald Trump!

The media, GOP establishment, and Democrats are working with great fervor to destroy Donald Trump. To be honest, the Republicans are outdoing the Democrats in their quest to destroy the front runner. The focus on Trump illustrates the lack of ideas from the other candidates. This election cycle is engaging conservatives who were courted for their vote and left at the altar by the RINOs.

Why is Donald Trump speaking for the silent majority? Could it be that the electorate is tired of politicians telling them what they want to hear only to be vilified once the person is elected. To make matters worse, the newly elected Rebublicans side with the Democrats and allow President Obama to make Congress irrelevant by bypassing their authority.

Donald Trump is a threat to the GOP establishment’s power.  This country needs a candidate from outside the beltway and not beholden to donors and lobbyists. The Republican candidates run on the fact that the electorate will vote for a Republican no matter how deficient they are, because Democrats are worse. The lesser of two evils strategy.

The reaction to Donald Trump should be one of the main reasons to consider him for President. Every label that is put on Trump could be said about all the other candidates. I will go through the list on my next post. I believe this election presents a candidate who may be able to turn this country around. It is time for the voter to quit voting for the RINOs expecting a different result. It is now or never to take our country back. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. We can break the cycle this time.