The scorch and burn strategy to take down Donald Trump!

The media, GOP establishment, and Democrats are working with great fervor to destroy Donald Trump. To be honest, the Republicans are outdoing the Democrats in their quest to destroy the front runner. The focus on Trump illustrates the lack of ideas from the other candidates. This election cycle is engaging conservatives who were courted for their vote and left at the altar by the RINOs.

Why is Donald Trump speaking for the silent majority? Could it be that the electorate is tired of politicians telling them what they want to hear only to be vilified once the person is elected. To make matters worse, the newly elected Rebublicans side with the Democrats and allow President Obama to make Congress irrelevant by bypassing their authority.

Donald Trump is a threat to the GOP establishment’s power.  This country needs a candidate from outside the beltway and not beholden to donors and lobbyists. The Republican candidates run on the fact that the electorate will vote for a Republican no matter how deficient they are, because Democrats are worse. The lesser of two evils strategy.

The reaction to Donald Trump should be one of the main reasons to consider him for President. Every label that is put on Trump could be said about all the other candidates. I will go through the list on my next post. I believe this election presents a candidate who may be able to turn this country around. It is time for the voter to quit voting for the RINOs expecting a different result. It is now or never to take our country back. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. We can break the cycle this time.


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