The Question of Character

What is character? The foundation of a person’s character is trustworthiness.
Trustworthiness is defined as honesty, reliability, courage to do the right thing, and loyalty to country. Do we recognize any of these traits in the people elected to public office? I find a few of these traits conspicuously absent from many of those entrusted with the power to run our government. The culture in Washington D.C. is resistant to anyone remotely exhibiting the fortitude to do the right thing. The outcome of many congressional votes is contrary to any perceived moral standing of our elected officials. Those elected to represent we the people took an oath to uphold the Constitution. Breaking that oath says a lot about a person’s character, and it is not positive.
Donald Trump is in the crosshairs and all talking points seem to begin and end with him. I will begin with the question,”What about Trump’s character?” The question represents a prevailing view that Trump’s ideas, demeanor, and overall behavior is an anomaly in the world of politics and supports major character flaws. I contend that the focus on Trump deflects any scrutiny of the other candidates and their deficiencies. Several candidates and media types are part of the problem and should not demean Trump’s character when their own is suspect. All candidates should have their character scrutinized not just one.
The electorate gave control of the House in 2012 and Senate in 2014 to candidates who promised to stand up against the current president and his dictatorial behavior. What the electorate received in return was a do nothing Congress spouting excuse after excuse for their impotence. Promises made and promises broken from those who promised otherwise. Some of the same politicians who broke their promises are running for president and want you to support them with your vote.
Trump is not an elected official with broken campaign promises haunting his candidacy. Several candidates have a record that they can not run away from in the 24/7 news cycle. They are the problem not the solution.
The people in this country have had enough of deceitful politicians and are willing to take a chance with an outsider. I realize that our politicians are dumbfounded by Trump mania which illustrates how out of touch they are with the American people. The anger is palpable among the electorate with the current members of the GOP establishment. It is time to elect someone who believes in American exceptionalism.


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