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Donald Trump and The Big Tent


In his article, A Look To The Future Of Big Tent Republicanism, Dustin Hawkins defines Republican big tent philosophy as that which builds a coalition on beliefs that conservative policies are good for everyone involved. This  philosophy states that we can disagree on some issues, but we will agree on most issues based on liberty and freedom.

The RNC/GOPe espouse the big tent philosophy but in their core do not want anyone included who is outside their sphere of influence. They surround themselves with powerful and wealthy people who can further their rise to key positions in government. Keeping their seat of power, money, and A list status is paramount. Those instrumental in solidifying the positions of the political class are lobbyists, super Pacs, sympathetic media, and a myriad of other supporters that work in the shadows.

The conservative voter is conditioned to vote for the approved establishment candidate defined as the lesser of two evils. Many voters pull the R lever on Election Day fueled by the promises of a candidate with little hope that solving critical issues will occur. Votes are the only reason politicians tolerate the electorate. We are useful idiots in the eyes of entrenched Republican bureaucrats. Republicans are less concerned about service to the country and citizenry and more concerned about staying in power.The party bosses feign indignation when the party loses an election, but the status of individual members does not change or anything else with the machinations in the beltway. Being in the minority is the built in excuse for doing nothing to forward a conservative agenda. Win/Win for both corrupt factions. We the people are the ones who suffer the consequences of their arrogance.

Donald Trump is the front runner in the Republican presidential primary race. He has incurred the  wrath of many politicians and media outlets here and abroad. There is a scorched earth policy designed to destroy him. The Republicans and Democrats are on the same side in vilifying Trump. Politics make strange bedfellows. What is so threatening about a Trump candidacy? He is addressing many of the concerns and issues that are important to a conservative electorate. Trump won New Hampshire, South Carolina, and Nevada with support from many religious and minority groups considered important in the big tent of the Republican Party. Their reaction to Trump signifies the opposite. The Republicans do not want a coalition of people with similar beliefs, because they do not care if they win. It appears that the Democrats are not the only party with a divide and conquer strategy. With the nation’s survival at risk, the RNC/GOPe are more concerned about destroying the man who is bringing people together than addressing the destructive issues facing the country. The citizenry is witnessing the unmasking of charlatans who run the party and elites pulling the strings to further their agendas. We the people are pawns in the scheme created by corrupt politicians.

The corrupt politicians and detrimental consequences wrought by their policies are the focus of Donald Trump’s candidacy. The problems facing the country were created and perpetuated by the very people obsessed with destroying Trump. The current Senate members running for president are part of and creators of the same problems. They are all talk and no action while the country burns. We know that little will be accomplished with the current group of do nothing politicians. Business as usual with no accountability.

This election is the most critical in our nation’s history. Donald Trump is not a perfect man, but we are not electing a Pope. The big tent is not mentioned much in this election cycle, because there is only one candidate who is accomplishing that once lofty goal. Trump is self funding his campaign and will not be beholden to any person or group for his election success. The Trump candidacy has presented the American people with a chance to vote for someone who is not a career politician. Let us not squander this opportunity. It is now or never to turn the country around.