Time For A Pep Talk!

I received a call from a friend who wanted me to give her a pep talk concerning Donald Trump. It was not the first time that one of my friends had a problem with supporting the unconventional candidate.

Why was my friend considering a vote for a third party candidate? Why would she jump off the Trump train after being a supporter?  In my small sphere of family and friends, she was not alone.  She responded in the same way that many have after listening to the rabid media sycophants, and their extreme focus on a Hillary Clinton presidency. The media narrative was successful in causing many to question their support for Trump. The media has lost all credibility because of their overt bias, but they still create doubt with their repetition of sordid details about Donald Trump.

With full disclosure, I became a Trump supporter the moment he announced his candidacy. I was tired of the promises made every election cycle by the very people who created the problems and now had a solution to solve the problems. Donald Trump’s candidacy gives the electorate an opportunity to hold elected officials accountable for their lies and deceit. He is not a politician beholden to lobbyists and special interest groups.

What I saw in Donald Trump was contrary to the narrative the citizenry listened to every night on the news. The daily twisting of everything Trump states has become an indictment of a corrupt media. There is a directive coming from executives at media outlets whether conservative or liberal to destroy Donald Trump. It is astounding to witness the escalating assaults on a man who believes in and loves America. There is not one other candidate in the original field of seventeen candidates that would or could have challenged and exposed Hillary for the corrupt individual she has been for her entire political life. The FBI investigation should tell the electorate all they need to know about Hillary’s power and the fear she instills in people. Scandal after scandal, and she walks away unscathed and more arrogant than ever. She is untouchable while we are deplorable.

There are two things that I want people to think about concerning the Trump candidacy. Has anyone wondered why billions of dollars are being spent to destroy Donald Trump? Why are the RNC/GOPe, Democrats, and news corporations so afraid of Trump? I truly believe that Trump is the person at this time in history to set America on the right course. My resolve is strengthened everytime a journalist reports a story related to Trump’s past but allows Hillary to walk away from her illegal behaviors and scandal of the day.

This is a critical election, and an opportunity has presented itself to vote for someone that has not been part of the political class. It is up to us to vote for Donald Trump and give him a chance to Make America Great Again. It is now or never!


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